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MRKG 1301

Customer Relationship Management

Topics in this course address general principles of customer relationship management including skills, knowledge, attitudes, and behavior.

MRKG 1311

Principles of Marketing

This course is an introduction to the marketing mix functions and process; identification of consumer and organizational needs; explanation of economic, psychological, sociological, environmental, and global issues.

A description and analysis of the importance of marketing research is also provided.

MRKG 1313

Public Relations

This course is an exploration of theories, techniques, and processes of public relations including means of influencing methods of building good will, analysis of media, obtaining publicity, and implementation of public relations programs.

MRKG 2333

Principles of Selling

This course is an overview of the selling process. Identification of the elements of the communication process between buyers and sellers and examination of the legal and ethical issues of organizations which affect salespeople are included.

MRKG 2349

Advertising and Sales Promotion

This course covers integrated marketing communications. It includes advertising principles and practices. Emphasis is on multimedia of persuasive communication including buyer behavior, budgeting,and regulatory constraints.

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