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The Southwest Marketing Program
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We are a young and motivated group of aspiring entrepreneurs who seek to further our understanding of the business world.  Started in 2014 by Mr. Eloy Garza, AKA Mr. Marketing.  Our program acts as a non-profit marketing firm providing comprehensive marketing solutions to local businesses at no cost in exchange for an experiential learning opportunity.  We apply the theory and skills learned in the classroom to the work we do for our business partners and gain hands on real world experience in the process. 


Our team is committed to providing comprehensive marketing solutions. From the gathering and analysis of marketing research to development and implementation of strategy, our vision is to add value to your efforts and gain real world experience in the process.


We are honored to have the opportunity to work with leaders in the business community.  Their commitment to our education is the foundation of our program. 


Southwest Marketing and South Texas College are working together to ensure relevant curriculum which reflects best practices and truly prepares us for a future of success.


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